Waialea Beach – Beach 69

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Waialea Beach, better known as beach 69, is located between Hapuna Beach and Puako and is a very popular beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Due to the waters being designated conservation in 1985, it is known for some great snorkeling.  One thing that is unique to this beach is it is one of the easiest beaches to find shade.   Due to the general layout of the beach, many people choose to go to Waialea Beach for the privacy.  You will find families nestled in little coves around the beach.  Due to this, it is recommended if you want to find a place to go early in the morning.

There is a trail, Ala Kahakai trail, that goes along Waialea Beach.  If you enjoy hiking, this is part of a 15 mile trail along the coastline that passes many ancient Hawaiian places as well as many anchialine ponds.   For those that really like to hike, you can jump on this trail at at various places between Kawaiehae and Waikoloa Beach Resort and enjoy a full day of hiking along ancient Hawaiian fishermen trails.  You can view more information on this trail at the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources website.

Waialea Beach is part of the Hapuna Beach State Park system.  This means that there is restrooms and showers located at the beach.  One thing worth noting is that there is minimal paved parking stalls so you may need to park in the nearby dirt areas.

If you are going to Waialea Beach from Waikoloa Beach Resort, you will head north on the highway.  You will take a left into Puako.  It is one of the first rights you can take.  It does not have a sign.  If you make it into the residential area of Puako you have gone to far.  As you travel along this road you will see an entrance that is labeled Hapuna Beach State Park and this is where you will enter.  This road continues along to Hapuna Beach State Park so if you actually make it to Hapuna Beach you have gone too far.

Waialea Beach does front a small residential area so do be respectful as many homeowners property lines do reach up to the white sands.

One thing to be aware of is that kiawe trees are many of the trees that provide the shade.  These trees branches have very large thorns so it is good to make sure you have shoes or slippers with thick soles and to be cautious if you choose to walk barefoot.

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