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COVID19 Cancellation Policy - Book with Confidence

COVID19 Cancellation Policy – Book with Confidence

By April 28, 2020Uncategorized

Due to COVID19 our cancellation policy has changed.  This will supersede our standard cancellation policy IN THE EVENT THE HAWAII 14 DAY QUARANTINE is reinstituted.

Guests will have the option to use all the funds towards a credit for a future stay at any of our properties through 2022 or can get a refund less a 3% processing fee of any funds already processed.

Canadian Travelers – Cancellation Policy
Due to different areas of Canada rolling out new plans as well as the State of Hawaii we wanted to implement a policy for Canadian guests to be able to book with confidence.  For any guests from Canada, if they book any dates in 2021 and are unable to come to Hawaii either due to the State of Hawaii not accepting a negative COVID test from Canada or their area in Canada requires a 14 day quarantine when they return even if they have a negative COVID test they will receive a full refund of any funds processed or can receive a credit for those funds.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.