LSD Beach at Kawaihae

By November 14, 2023Beaches

LSD Beach at Kawaihae is one of the more popular locations for locals, but yet is not one of the greatest for tourists.  It is one of the only beaches on the Big Island that you can pull your car up, pitch a tent for shade, bring a table or two out of a truck to place some food on, and relax with everything you need in your vehicle.

Due to it being within the harbor, the waters are very calm.  There are restrooms located near the beach for your use.  One of the popular aspects of LSD Beach for locals is that it is a fun place for kids to go fishing.  There is a large lava rock break that you can walk out on to get access to some slightly deeper waters that are great for fishing for smaller fish.  The break is ultimately lava rocks piled on top of each other so adults should go with the children.

kawaihae beach

lsd beach kawaihae

While LSD Beach is a relatively unknown beach of the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a lot of contention around the beach.  Conservationists maintain that the existing structure of LSD Beach and where vehicles are allowed to travel is affecting the clarity of the water as well as the health of the nearby reefs.  There has been ongoing conversations of building a beach nearby and no longer granting the public access to the existing location, but those conversations are ongoing and nothing has been resolved.

If you are looking for a place to stay near LSD Beach, Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort offers beachfront vacation rentals and is roughly a 15 minute drive from LSD Beach at Kawaihae.