What Makes Hawaiian Beaches So Great?

By March 1, 2019About Hawaii, Beaches

Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort offers Waikoloa vacation rentals where visitors have close access to some of Hawaii’s most stunning beaches. Hawaii is world-renowned for its beaches and there is good reason for that. Hawaii is home to the most wonderful assortment of different kinds of beaches than any other place in the world. Here, you can find white sand beaches, black sand beaches, and green and red sand beaches.

According to Hawaiian mythology, Madame Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire created the Hawaiian islands. Indeed, the islands themselves are the product of volcano activity. Whereas once the islands were simply hunks of undifferentiated rock, plants, animals, and even humans found their way over to one of the greatest destinations anywhere in the world.

Over time, the ebb and flow of the tides eroded the rocks on the coast of the islands. The sands are given their color in relation to the reefs, their choral, and their wildlife.

Green Sand Beaches are Green Because of…

…Olivine crystals found on the beach. Olivine crystals come from the cinder cone on the Papakōlea Beach. The sand itself is mostly olivine which was spewed forth in the lava that created the island. Since olivine is heavier than other sand, the lighter sand is swept out to sea creating the green sand beach. In the entire world, there are only four such beaches.

Red Sand Beaches are Red Because of…

…Iron. Yes, it’s iron that gives the red sand beach its red tint or, more specifically, iron oxide (rust). On the island of Maui, you will find a red sand beach. The beach as quite difficult to access and the hike there is dangerous. Nonetheless, those who brave the trek are treated to one of nature’s natural wonders. The deep red offsets with the crystal blue water and the lush green trees making it one of the most gorgeous sites in the world.

White Sand Beaches are White Because of…

…Poop. No, that’s not a joke. The white sand is given its distinctive look in part because of parrotfish poop. The parrotfish feed on algae on the rocks and corals of the reef. The result is white sand. Do not let this dissuade you from visiting the white sand beaches of Hawaii, however. It is truly a miracle of nature.

Black Sand Beaches are Black Because of…

….Well, there are actually multiple reasons that black sand can occur. Here in Hawaii, it is the result of basalt. Basalt is the result of lava contacting water. Lava, which is molten rock, rapidly cools creating fine basalt deposits. Hawaii has two famous black sand beaches, Punaluʻu Beach and Kehena Beach. In the cosmic scheme, black sand beaches are temporary. They can be eroded by new deposits and lose their coloration due to tidal flows. For that reason, it is illegal to remove black sand from the beach.

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