Why are Swimming Pools Better in Hawaii?

By March 1, 2019About Hawaii

Waikoloa vacation rentals boast some of the most impressive swimming pools anywhere in the country. But how can this be so? Isn’t Hawaii known for its pristine beaches? That’s true, it is, but it’s also quite common to see visitors at Kolea Vacation Rentals lounging about in pools located within their villa. While in Hawaii, you’ll no doubt spend some of your time at the beach, there’s no reason not to check out some of the states famously ornate swimming pools.

Hawaiian Swimming Pools are Warmer

Hawaii, as an equatorial state, has one season: amazing. The weather is gorgeous year round and, unlike pools in other parts of the world, they don’t freeze over at night. Outdoor inground pools are notoriously frigid even during the summer for those who have installed them in their backyard. In Hawaii, you’ll never have to worry about going into shock because the water is too cold. Even when it is relatively cool outside, the pools are heated and there are always jacuzzis nearby.

Hawaiian Swimming Pools are Better!

Because these swimming pools have to compete with the natural beauty of the beach, developers really need to do something special in order to draw tourists there. For instance, the Kolea at Waikoloa beach offers kids a sand bottom pool with a built-in waterfall. You might also be interested in checking out the Infinity Pool at the Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort.

You Can Only See the Hawaiian Sunset from a Hawaiian Pool

You can definitely head to the beach to check out the Hawaiian sunset, but Hawaii has the only pools in the world that offer you that option too. You and your honey can check out the sunset from a much more peaceful and less populated spot than a beach could offer.

Adults Only Swimming Pools

If you want to get away from the kids for a bit, you can try one of Hawaii’s adults-only swimming pools. While most of these pools don’t offer “adult” options, they pride themselves on peace and serenity which are two things most adults strive for—especially on vacation.

Hawaiian Pools Can be Installed on Any Floor

While technically, pools can be installed on various floors anywhere in the world, the sheer density of non-ground-level floors in Hawaii is far greater than even places like Las Vegas. If you’ve ever wanted to swim on the 8th floor of a building, Hawaii is the place to be.

Waikoloa Vacation Rentals Offers Access to a Number of Great Amenities

Those considering a trip to Hawaii for a honeymoon, vacation, or a trip with friends will definitely want to check out the amazing pools that Hawaii has to offer. Kolea vacation rentals offers a number of great accommodations for parties up to six, a great view, ocean view, and easy access to the beach if you’re a traditionalist. We are located within distance to a number of the world’s finest eateries. Check out our page and book your room today!