Big Island Hawaii Volcano Eruption

By September 12, 2023About Hawaii

The Kilauea volcano began erupting again on September 10, 2023.  The eruption is at the Halema’uma’u crater, which is typically the most active part of the volcano system.  There is not any imminent danger to civilians or properties.

Visiting the Volcano
When there is volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii, tourists flock to see it.  The best way to see the activity if you can afford it is by helicopter.  The most reasonably priced tours leave from Hilo and are strictly to view the volcano.  The helicopter tours that leave from the Waikoloa area are typically full island tours that include viewing the volcano.  Probably the most gratifying tour is to drive down and view the volcano from the ground.  If you are going to do this, you will either want to do this around dawn or dusk.  For the most part during the day you can see some lava, but mostly smoke.  If you are going to do this you will want to educate yourself on the existing conditions such as if it is windy and will want to obey any signs to not get too close.  While some areas may seem safe, if the wind shifts drastically it can redirect the smoke to you if you are too close or the volcanic activity does often cause the ground in certain areas to hollow out allowing it to cave in from time to time.  Many people do view the volcano by foot, it is just recommended to do it with caution.

Air Quality
The air quality at the point of eruption is not great, but it currently is not erupting at a fast enough pace to significantly effect the air quality along the Kohala Coast.  There is a bit of a haze around the middle of the island due to the VOG, but some trade winds have moved it off island.  Typically when there is enough VOG to effect the Kohala Coast the VOG will come up the coastline from the south and is visible from the Kohala Coast.  Currently the Kohala Coast is beautiful and clear.

Click here to view detailed information on the eruption and enjoy the video below with live viewing of the eruption.

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