The Nene Birds at Waikoloa Beach Resort

By August 14, 2023About Hawaii

The nene is also known as the Hawaiian goose and is the state bird of Hawaii.  It is an endangered species in Hawaii and is the most endangered species of geese in the world.  The Hilton Waikoloa helps to care for the geese on property and due to this you can often times find may of them near the property.  A common place for them to be found is at the entrance of Naupaka Place.

Due to them being endangered, it is highly recommended if you see them to not feed them or to attempt to get to close to them.  It is against the law to feed, touch or harass them due to them being  federally protected.  Also be cautious on the golf courses as many can be found near the golf courses.  It is also recommended if you are driving and you see a nene crossing sign to proceed slowly.