Hapuna Beach State Park

By July 22, 2023Beaches

Hapuna Beach is the most popular beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This beach is broken into two sections.  One is primarily for the the guests of the Hapuna Prince hotel and the other is a public beach.  This beach is one of the few beaches in Hawaii that can meet almost anyone’s needs.  If you are simply into walking the beach, Hapuna offers close to 1/4 mile of fine sand to walk on with minimal rocks.  If you are into snorkeling, you can find fish just off the shore.  If you simply want to swim for exercise, many people swim from side to side of the beach.  But what Hapuna is mostly known for is being a great place for families.   The sand is great for the little ones and for most of the years offers mild waves that are safe for younger children.  In the winter months the wave sizes increase so teenagers have a blast boogie boarding with the larger waves.

For people that wish to have shade, Hapuna Beach does not offer a lot of shaded area.  There are some areas of trees further off beach that can offer some shade, but those locations are a fair distance from the shore if you have children.

Other amenities of Hapuna Beach include covered pavilions with picnic tables, restrooms, and outdoor showers.

July 22, 2023: The water for the amenities has been off for some time.  There currently are port o pottys for peoples use.