Waipio Valley

By September 4, 2009Sites to See

Waipio Valley is the most well known of the seven valleys on the north side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Down in the valley is a beautiful black sand beach and some of the best surf on the island.  You can spend a day walking along the stream that flows through the valley and checking out the lush tropical setting.  You will also see a lot of roaming wildlife such as mules.

The view from the lookout is breathtaking enough, but if you are the anventurous type you may want to go down into the valley.  There is a narrow steep, windy paved road down into the valley which can be used by four wheel drive vehicles.  Although you can go in with a four wheel drive, it is not recommended.  You can also hike down into the valley along the same road.  Although it is a tiring hike, it is worth it.