Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park

By March 24, 2024Sites to See

Nestled on the northern part of the Big Island, Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park offers one of the more scenic settings on the island and is a very historical piece of the Big Island of Hawaii.

As you travel along the northern area of the island traveling through the gulches and mountains you will see the turnoff to Laupahoehoe Beach Park.  You will drive in roughly 5 minutes before you reach the park.  Here you will find breathtaking scenery and a large peninsula that has a large lawn area, camping areas, a pavilion, restrooms, and picnic tables.  It is a great place to camp or just spend the day.

laupahoehoe point beach park

laupahoehoe point beach park

While it is called a “beach park”, it is far from being a beach.  There is no area that would be considered safe to swim.  There is a small area where children could play, but going out too far would be dangerous.  There is also a mandmade boat ramp area as the area is known for good fishing.  It is more recommended to just take in the scenery.  It is not just a great place to take in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific as they crash into the lava or enjoy looking at waterfalls as they come down the cliffs into the ocean.

If you are a history person, Laupahoehoe has a lot of history and there are some historical sites with information located around the area.  In the 1800’s Laupahoehoe was a thriving sugar town and harbor and was growing in popularity as a place to live on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Unfortunately in 1946, the great tsunami that struck the Big Island of Hawaii devastated the community only leaving one teacher and two children survivors.  There is a monument you will find there today in commemoration of this.

If you are traveling the Big Island of Hawaii or headed to one of the more popular attractions, Akaka Falls, Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park is a nice place to stop off at and walk around or have a picnic lunch.