Lapakahi State Historical Park

By Culture, Sites to See
If you are into Hawaiian history and hiking, Lapakahi State Historical Park is a must visit location.  Located on the norther portion of the Big Island of Hawaii this is a great place to stop and tour on your way to or from Pololu Valley.  It was ancient Hawaiian Village…
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Kolea Golden Plover

By Culture
Pacific Golden Plovers are medium-sized plovers that look similar to the American Golden Plovers. The two types of birds were actually regarded as one species until the early nineties. Though they look similar, they have some differences: the American Golden Plover normally flies to South America whereas the Kolea Golden…
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Get to Know the Kolea Bird

By Culture, History, Kolea
Part of the attraction and charm of visiting the Big Island of Hawaii is learning about local wildlife and customs. During your stay, you are likely to hear numerous references to the kolea. A slight, small bird that frequents Hawaii over the winter months, it is the namesake for our…
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What Does Kolea Mean?

By Culture, Kolea
The Big Island of Hawaii holds a special appeal for travelers from all over the world. Many come here to visit from places with significantly colder climates or at seasonal times of the year to escape freezing temperatures. When guests to our Waikoloa vacation rentals arrive, the warm sun on…
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Famous TV Shows in Hawaii: Baywatch

By About Hawaii, Culture
Those looking at vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa may know that there are plenty of T.V. shows that have been filmed in Hawaii over the years. One of those shows was Baywatch. Baywatch existed in two separate incarnations: Los Angeles and Hawaii.  The original show, set in Los Angeles, ran…
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