Famous TV Shows in Hawaii: Baywatch

By November 27, 2018About Hawaii, Culture

Those looking at vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa may know that there are plenty of T.V. shows that have been filmed in Hawaii over the years. One of those shows was Baywatch. Baywatch existed in two separate incarnations: Los Angeles and Hawaii.  The original show, set in Los Angeles, ran from 1989 to 1999. But afterward, the show moved to Hawaii with major changes to the cast but few changes to the overall plotline and scope of the T.V. show.

Baywatch Hawaii: What’s That All About?

In 1999, it was announced that Baywatch would be moving from Los Angeles to another location. Australia had put in a sizeable bid for the T.V. show to be filmed there, but Hawaii managed to eventually secure the location. Hawaii offered major financial incentives for filming Baywatch in Hawaii but the show could not overcome its major creative deficits and, after one season, David Hasselhoff moved on.

The Baywatch crew reconvened for one last episode in 2003. At the end of the 10th season, David Hasselhoff’s character, Mitch Buchannon, is involved in a boat explosion and suffers amnesia as a result. Mitch’s character, however, was already killed off in the finale of the 10th season, entitled “The Killing Machine”. In that episode, Mitch faces off against a retired Navy Seal and eco-terrorist who kills him in a bombing attack. But in the reunion movie, he turns up in an L.A. hospital.

He then returns to Hawaii to marry Allison, who is actually a part of a revenge plot by old nemesis Mason Sato. To the rescue is a former ex-wife who wants to stop the wedding because she wants Mitch back in her life.

Unfortunately, the reunion show only got a rating of 4.2 on IMDB and was universally panned.

Baywatch Hawaii Did not Live Long

Perhaps because nearly every plot twist had already been explored, Baywatch Hawaii only lasted two more years and only one without its main character Mitch. But the Baywatch Universe refused to die after that. In 2005, it was rebooted as Baywatch Nights.

In this series, Mitch teams up with former Baywatch cop. Sgt. Garner Ellerbee to form a private investigator team. When the show’s ratings began to fade, the producers tried to add an X-Files-esque spin to the show by adding a paranormal investigator. It was canceled after two seasons.

But that was not the end of Baywatch. In 2017, a remake of the classic themes was reinvented for the purpose of filming a movie. In it Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leads a team of lifeguards to take down a drug kingpin.

Hawaii: Where it’s Baywatch Every Day

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