Pearl Harbor Tour

By August 29, 2009Hawaii Activites

One of the most popular off island attractions is Pearl Harbor, which is located on Oahu.  Many know the history of Pearl Harbor, but to see the U.S.S. Missouri and Arizona Memorial is person offers an experience of a lifetime!

I highly recommend making the trip a full day trip.  You can purchase your interisland air here.  You will want to fly into HNL.  You can get a rental car and Pearl Harbor is about a five minute drive from the airport.  There is a $16 admission fee for the U.S.S. Missouri and you can also get an audio tour or an iPod video tour for less than $10.  The audio tour is sufficient if you desire one of them.  It is hard to follow the video tour while also walking throughout the U.S.S. Missouri.  The cost for an adult is $60.  If you want to take the longer tour which also takes you to the Pacific Avaiation Museam the cost is $75.

While on the U.S.S. Missouri you will have the opportunity to stand on the “surrender deck” where World War II ended.  While inside you will get to see the quarters in which the soldiers slept.  You will also get a look at all the weapons that made the U.S.S. Missouri so feared.

Getting to take a boat out to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and seeing the “Black Tears of the Arizona” is breathtaking.

Although you can do all of this on your own, I would highly recommend taking one of the guided tours.  It can be a little overwhelming if you are not familiar with everything.  There are shuttles and boats that take you from place to place.  If you are on of the of the guided tours it helps out a ton, you get a lot more information, and the cost is not that much more.

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