Secluded Black Sand Beach Near Waikoloa Beach Resort

By August 30, 2023Beaches

Waikoloa Beach Resort is home to a beautiful white sand beach at A’Bay, but there is another really nice beach just about 1 mile south of Waikoloa Beach Resort.  This beach can only be accessed by walking in from the highway roughly 1/2 mile.  There is a gravel area that you can pull over and park just off the highway before taking your hike.  There is a gravel walkway that you can take down to the beach.  Although it looks like you can try to drive it, it is not for the publics use.

Once you get down to the beach you will also find some nice Hawaiian ponds there.  The beach spans over a mile in walking distance and goes north to a few other small beach locations so is great for people that enjoy walking.  The waters are calm, but are not intended for swimming.  The sand is harder than traditional beaches so is easier to walk on.  There are some old, small homes located near the beach that are private property.

While the Big Island of Hawaii is one of the safest places, it is important to consider that this beach is a very secluded beach with minimal people.  Also if you choose to walk into this beach we recommend doing it in the early morning.  With the pathway being amidst black lava rock by midday the walks out can be extremely hot.  It is recommended to wear sunscreen and take plenty of water.

If you are looking for a place to stay at Waikoloa Beach Resort, Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort offers beachfront vacation rentals on A’Bay.

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