One of the Most Underrated Perks of Staying in a Vacation Rental

While there are many reasons to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel such as larger space, full furnished kitchen, and much more there is one benefit of staying in a vacation rental that is often overlooked.  That is getting a good nights rest at a desired temperature that helps you achieve that.

Almost all hotels currently have thermostats that either will not reach the designated set point or shut off when there is no motion, which causes the air conditioning to shut off in the middle of the night.  These thermostat systems can be found from lower end hotel chains such as Holiday Inns all the way up to some of the more luxurious chains such as Four Seasons.

How much of an inconvenience is this?  YouTube offers hundreds of videos with “thermostat hacks” on how to by pass this settings.  These videos have over 5 million views showing that this seems to be an inconvenience for a lot of people and reasonably so.  Getting good rest is one of the most important aspects of many peoples vacations.

While these same thermostats can be installed in vacation rentals, for the most part you will not find them there.  You will find thermostats like Nest or Ecobee, which do have the ability to turn off with no motion or to have a minimum setting.  In most cases you can just call the management company and get those settings overridden.

At Waikoloa Vacation Rentals we prefer the ecobee thermostat.  The features we use most are minimum setting for the purpose of not having the guests turn it too low and freezing up the system as well as the feature that shuts off the air conditioning when the door is open.  This is an added cost, but a very nice feature that most other thermostats do not offer.  Ecobee can also be controlled remotely so if a guest has a complaint or issue it is very easy for the management company to see what may be causing the issue and if a service call is neccessary.

vacation rental thermostats