Major Changes to Airlines Flying to Hawaii

In the aftermath of the fires in Maui, there have been significant ongoing changes the airlines have made.  Some changes seem to be directly related to Maui and some not so much.  As the county of Maui continues to maintain that the island is open for tourism and they desire tourists, the airlines continue to cancel flights to Maui.

Hawaiian Airlines
The leading company, is Hawaiian Airlines.  They are cancelling flights due to issues with one of their top planes as well as cancelling many Maui flights.  The issue with both of these for travelers is that the cancellations are coming last minute not giving travelers many options to rebook a convenient flight.

hawaiian airlines

Southwest Airlines
Overall Southwest Airlines operates their flights seasonally to Hawaii so they are always changing.  There is currently a decrease in flights to Hawaii for this winter, but will pick up in the spring and summer.  These include LAX to Kauai, LAX to Kona, and Sacramento to Maui.  With the state of Maui it is unknown if the Maui route will return this coming spring.

On the more alarming side, there are 7 routes that have been completely canceled.  Three to Kona, three to Kauai, and one to Maui.

Delta Airlines
Delta has continued to pull back their flights to Hawaii.  They canceled their popular direct routes from Atlanta as well as Minneapolis.  Vacationers coming from these locations will no longer have direct flight options through Delta Airlines.

It does appear these changes are in most part to demand, which will not play too much of a role on tourism.  One issue that has happened in years past is the airlines over adjust their flights causing for their to not be enough flights to meet demand.

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