Ainamalu: A Hidden Gem at Waikoloa Beach Resort!

Ainamalu is the newest development at Waikoloa Beach Resort.  It is the only community that is comprised of just private homes.  The original plan of Ainamalu was a large plan that included over 300 private resident homes, over 200 condos, and a club area that included a shared pool.  In 2019 for the most part construction came to a halt with just under 50 homes being built.

ainamalu at waikoloa

In its current state, vacationers that decide to stay at Ainamalu get to enjoy a new home in a relatively quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Waikoloa Beach Resort.  There are currently two different areas of homes.  The area where you see most of the homes located are all for the most part similar homes that offer 3-4 bedrooms.  You will find similar finishes in these homes.  The main differences is that some have a pool and some do not.  There are just a few custom homes located on the golf course.  These homes vary in size and in finishes and are found on slightly larger lots than the other homes.

Owners that bought on lots 9-24 got a pleasant surprise.  When they purchased, the existing plan was designed in such a way that they would have neighbors on the other side of their backyard.  Since this is yet to happen, they currently get a distant ocean view out over a lot of open space.

ainamalu at waikoloa

Owners that bought in lots 25-42 get an amazing view of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa mountains.  While there is the Queen K highway across from the open space for these homes, there is minimal noise that is easily drowned out by the sounds of the palms.

Ainamalu is sure to not stay just a small development so is a great place to enjoy until the construction starts back up and the development expands.