Kohanaiki Beach

By September 17, 2023Beaches

Kohanaiki Beach is one of the nicest beach areas near Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  In part due to the beauty of the beach the newest luxury development on the Big Island, Kohanaiki, was built just off the white sands of the beach.  Kohanaiki Beach is roughly a minute drive south of the Kailua Kona International Airport.  Due to the entrance to the beach being shared with that of the resort, you will see a beautiful entrance on the oceanside of the highway.  Once you enter, you will see signs that direct you to the beach.  At the end of the main road you will find a larger parking lot.  This is the most convenient place to park as many people do not park there.  If you continue along the road near the ocean you will find other parking stalls along the way, but often times they are taken.

pine trees beach

Kohanaiki Beach offers a beautiful long stretch of white sand beach.  All within this beach you can find great snorkeling, boogie boarding, surfing, and even some safe coves for younger children.  Kohanaiki offers some of the best waters for surfing throughout the year and the surf is far enough away from the shore to maintain the safely of the other people in the water.  The main beach areas do not offer much shade so it is recommended to bring a beach umbrella.

Kohanaiki Beach is also a very popular place for camping.  There are several areas to camp that also have trees nearby for shade.  There are public restrooms, but since the beach itself spans over a relatively good distance, there are also port a potties located along the way.

kohanaiki beach

kohanaiki beach