What to Do on Your Hawaiian Vacation around Kolea

If you are considering booking one of the best, private, vacation villas the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer, you may also be considering what you want to do while you are at Kolea in Waikoloa Village. When planning a trip, we know how important it is to get the most out of your experience. All of the following are some of the main attractions and things to do to enjoy your vacation to Hawaii even more.

Luaus & Cultural Experiences

Many people who visit Hawaii are often interested in attending a traditional luau, also known as a Hawaiian party that is often accompanied by entertainment, food, and dancing, such as the hula, a type of dance that symbolizes nature and the history of Hawaii. Luaus are common around Kolea, and vacationers who rent Kolea vistas often thoroughly enjoy this customary cultural experience as a hallmark of their Hawaiian vacation. The Big Island is also famous for its mixing pot of different cultures and traditions, meaning that when you rent a Kolea vacation home, you have the ability to immerse yourself in a new culture and way of living while also being able to enjoy the privacy and seclusion of a private beachfront condo.

Food and Shopping

Part of the exposure to another culture and life on the Island is also getting to enjoy food and shopping from local vendors around the area. There are plenty of eateries that offer both traditional Hawaiian dishes and your classic favorites with plenty of shopping available right within Waikoloa Village and surrounding Kolea.

Volcanoes and Lava Tours

Another enjoyable and memorable experience vacationers will often do on their Hawaiian vacation around Kolea is visit the active volcanoes and lava fields found on the big island. There are currently 3 active volcanoes on the Big Island only a drive away from Waikoloa Village & your Kolea villa. You can also take a lava tour by boat to see the Kilauea Volcano pouring lava into the sea. Both tours are an adventure of a lifetime, making Kolea a convenient place to return to after a long day.

Beaches and Pools

The iconic and picturesque Hawaiian vacation that most people imagine involves crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, and there are plenty of them around Kolea and the Big Island of Hawaii. From your Kolea beachfront property, you have instant access to a secluded beach with beautiful sand and pristine ocean waves perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, or simply enjoying your time in the sun. As a Kolea vacation home renter, you will also have instant access to the relaxing and fun pools on the property that are meticulously maintained and which are fun for couples or the whole family.

Enjoying Nature

The Big Island of Hawaii is filled with natural beauty and scenery, much of which is accessible to vacationers who stay at Kolea. Hawaii has 11 of the 13 major climate zones found across the world, many of which can be found right on the Big Island of Hawaii next to Kolea. There are several available hikes, drives, and even helicopter tours of the Island where you can see beautiful scenery and a vast array of landscapes unique to the island itself.

Rent a Kolea Beachfront Property

By far, the most enjoyable experience of a Hawaiian vacation is being able to relax in your own, private villa in Kolea. With so much to do surrounding the area, a Kolea beach house is exactly what you need to make your vacation the most ideal getaway.

Call Waikoloa Vacation Rentals today to rent your Kolea vacation home and to find out more about the amazing Hawaiian vacation opportunities you can enjoy while you are here.