Waikoloa Beach Resort vs. Waikoloa Village

By March 29, 2022May 11th, 2022Waikoloa Beach Resort Information

Waikoloa Village, located less than 10 miles from Waikoloa Beach Resort, is predominantly a residential area. It is a small community with many exciting things coming in the near future, such as a brand new shopping outlet and new condominiums. Previously, shopping was scarce in this area as the current shopping outlet consists of less than a handful of clothing shops, one grocery store, and a few restaurants. With the building of a new shopping outlet, Waikoloa Village is sure to attract a whole new community.

There are not many vacation rentals here since in 2019 the county of Hawaii regulated vacation rentals so that they are not in residential areas.  This left only a few areas of Waikoloa Village with vacation rentals.

Since you are farther from the coast, it takes longer to commute to restaurants, shopping, and the beach, although there is a beautiful golf course in front of the town.


Waikoloa beach resort patio table with beach viewWaikoloa Beach Resort is located on the Kohala Coast and is home to the renowned resorts that Waikoloa is known for. You have a wide variety of vacation rental properties to choose from that will best fit your group’s needs. The vacation rental properties in this area either have a community or private pools and are generally a 10-15 minute walk from the nearest beach. There are various golf courses ranging in different skill levels and lengths within Waikoloa Beach Resort, with views of mountains, lava fields, and the ocean. Waikoloa Beach Resort has its own shopping centers, the Queen’s Marketplace and the King Shops, and they are equipped with a full-size grocery store, restaurants, clothing stores, art galleries, and many more stores.