The State of Hawaii to Open Up Tourism August 1

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Update: The State of Hawaii has since changed their mind.

The State of Hawaii will open up travel to mainland travelers starting August 1, 2020 given that they have tested negative for COVID19 within 72 hours of travel.  We wanted to offer some FAQs that you may have.  While the State has made the announcement, they have also mentioned that a lot of details are yet to be completed.  We are giving you the information that they have released to date.  We will adjust this as they give more detailed information.

How does the testing work?
Currently the State of Hawaii has partnered with CVS for testing.  You can go to your local CVS, get the test, and it will go into a database, which the State of Hawaii has access to.  The State of Hawaii is working with other larger pharmacies to include them in places you could go.  It does not look like they will want to allow testing at an airport at this point in time. While this is not fully in place throughout the US as of 6/25, the exception is that it will be available by August.

Who has to get tested?
Anyone, including owners, would need to get tested if they want to avoid the 14 days quarantine.

What if I arrive at the end of July?
This has not been specifically addressed yet, but the assumption is that you would have to quarantine in a hotel until August 1 and then you could move into your vacation rental on August 1.  The policy is still in place that you can not stay in a vacation rental until August 1.

What happens if I test positive and am renting with Waikoloa Vacation Rentals?
If you test positive and can not travel, we will issue a refund less a 3% processing fee or you can apply all the rent towards a future stay.

What happens if I am uncomfortable traveling when August arrives?
We will be willing to issue you a credit of the amount you paid for a future stay.

What is Hawaii’s mask policy?
As of June 25 the Hawaii mask policy is still relatively strict.  Travelers are expected to wear a mask inside public areas.  Outside it is not requires as long as you are are lot within 6 feet of others.

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  • Jim Weisgerber says:

    We are planning on booking in January/February of 2021. If we have problems with flight restrictions or quarantining at that time, will we be able to receive the 97% refund or roll the total amount forward to a future stay?

    Jim Weisgerber