Keokea Beach Park

By October 3, 2023Things to Do

Keokea Beach Park is located on the northern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.  While there is not much here, it is the closest place to Pololu Valley with facilities that are open to the public.  Keokea Beach Park is about 2 miles from Pololu Valley and you will see signs for it when going and leaving Pololu Valley.  To get to Keokea Beach Park you do travel along a smaller road in a residential area of the island so you will want to drive cautious and respect the nearby property owners.  Once you get to the last section of the road that leads down into the park it is one lane and relatively steep so drive with caution and look out for other vehicles.

Outside of a stopping point for a restroom break or lunch while visiting Pololu Valley there is not much reason to stop here.  It is one of the smaller beach parks on the island and offers a few picnic tables with grills along with a pavilion that has some picnic tables and restrooms.  There is an outdoor shower if you choose to take a dip in the water.  The landscape of Keokea Beach Park is the same as the valleys so it definitely is a beautiful spot with some relatively short hiking trails.

There is not a true beach located here and the water overall is relatively rough.  There is a small sandy area that has a rock wave break that makes it a good spot to take a dip in as well as paddlers to go in and out from, but it is a small area.  All the other areas are relatively rocky with fairly roughl waters.

keokea beach park

keokea beach park