Best Hiking Trails on the Big Island of Hawaii

By November 27, 2018Hikes, Things to Do

Those considering vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa might be interested to know that Hawaii has more to offer than just beautiful beaches. Among the many reasons to venture to Hawaii for a vacation, Hawaii boasts some of the most gorgeous hiking trails anywhere in the world.

The “big island” especially is a beacon to hiking enthusiasts all over the world. With a low population density and a large amount of unblemished natural landscape, Hawaii features some of the best (and most ecologically diverse) trails that Mother Earth has to offer.

Scenic Hikes for Everyone

Not everyone can handle hiking for hours. Thankfully, Hawaii has a number of scenic hikes that highlight some of the island’s natural beauty. This includes the Onomea Bay, which runs about a half of a mile one way. It’s perfect for those who are all about sightseeing and don’t want to plan in advance in order to make the trek. You’ll probably want to bring some slip-resistant hiking boots and you might consider bringing a swimsuit to go for a wade in the Onomea Stream.

The Bay used to feature a harbor; now, however, this is long gone. Donkeys would be used to take people and their gear along the trail, which is how it got the nickname: The Donkey Trail.

A Few More Hikes to Try

If you are really into hiking, then a half a mile out-and-back trail may not be what you’re looking for. Fear not because Hawaii has some major trails that are only suited to those who can make a trek over the course of multiple days.

One such hike leads to the summit of Mauna Loa. A round trip of 13 miles takes place at an elevation of 2700 ft. It isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if you are among the few adventurers who have the wherewithal to survive a mountain hike of this nature, the trail is one of the most amazing.

Indeed, this hike takes place on the widest mountain in the world, Mauna Loa, which is also the world’s largest volcano. In fact, from the sky, it’s difficult to tell it apart from the rest of the island because of its size. You will need serious gear to hike this trail and a food supply along with water.

Visit the Islands of Hawaii Today

Hawaii is not just for those who enjoy lounging on the beaches. It’s also a great location for those who enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoorsy activities. Give us a call or contact us online to reserve your spot in one of our luxurious condos. We provide a great place to come back to after a long hike