Famous TV Shows in Hawaii: Lost

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Die-hard fans of the hit T.V. show Lost probably know that much of the series was filmed in Oahu, but folks looking at vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa may not be aware that the locations where Lost was shot have become tourist spots unto their own.

While Lost was set on a generic and mysterious island, the show was shot entirely in Hawaii. The T.V. show, which ran for six years, featured various personalities that would often come into contact after being marooned on an unknown island following a plane crash. The characters make their way through the island trying to survive and find their way off. The supernatural and sci-fi elements of the show have had fans interpreting and mythologizing the series for years. Theories are still commonplace to find on the internet and there is no strict interpretation concerning what happened or why.

The Most Expensive Pilot in History

At the time of its filming, the production costs of the Lost were greater than any other pilot in the history T.V. But the investment paid off, eventually garnering a viewership of over 24 million dedicated fans.

Like many sci-fi T.V. shows of the time, Lost became, over time, a cult hit. But some viewers tired of the lack of solid ground in the plot and a complicated series of plot twists that raised more questions than they answered. Today, however, this has given fans of the series more than they could have asked for: A space in which to let their imaginations run wild as they try to piece together the multiple plotlines from different timelines.

Why Lost was Filmed in Hawaii

It seems that every time a show features the plotline of a marooned cast, Hawaii is sure to be involved. Indeed, Hawaii was featured in the opening theme of Gilligan’s Island, though most of Gilligan’s Island was shot in an L.A. production studio. Hawaii features a beautiful natural landscape and provides producers with the perfect setting with its untouched natural beauty.

Fans of the Show Still Visit Hawaii

Some of the production for lost was filmed in a studio in Honolulu, but the vast majority of the show was actually filmed on the island of Oahu. Today, this spot has attracted a number of fans of the hit T.V. show as a point of interest in and of itself. Each of these spots can be seen on your vacation and are outlined in this Tripsavvy article.

Come See the Islands for Yourself

If you’re interested in learning more about Lost filming locations and tours, there are a number of resources available and guides that will allow you to see each of the show’s major landmarks. For more information about these vacation spots and our luxury condos, please feel free to give us a call or contact us online to reserve your vacation spot. We are sure you will get “lost” in the beauty and relaxation of this tropical paradise!