Famous Hawaiian Foods

By November 27, 2018About Hawaii, Food

Those looking at vacation rentals at Kolea in Waikoloa might be interested in attending a traditional Hawaiian luau. Indeed, when people think of Hawaiian food, often the first image to pop into their minds is a pig on a spit. While pigs on spits are indeed quite Hawaiian, there’s more to the story than that! In light of this, we want to take a closer look at some traditional Hawaiian foods.


Poi has the texture of pudding or yogurt but is actually made from the taro root. The taro root is similar to a potato or a yam but has a starchier flavor. The taro root is either baked or steamed and then it is pounded down. The chef adds water until the poi achieves its signature pudding-like texture.


Hawaiians get a lot of their food from the taro plant. Poi is made from the taro root, but laulau is made from the taro’s leaves. The laulau has a filling of pork or other vegetables and meats and it is cooked in an underground hot rock oven over the course of several hours. When served, laulau is soft and scrumptious boasting a slightly smoky flavor. This is an absolute can’t-miss local favorite.

Kalua Pig

Hawaiian underground ovens (known an imu) are the gift that keeps on giving. The imu is a hole that is dug into the ground and lined with lava rocks. Banana leaves are placed on top of it and then the whole thing is buried creating a pressure cooker. While you can cook kalua pork in the oven, you should really consider trying it the traditional way. The pork roasts slowly over the course of hours and imu gives it a signature smoky flavor that is the signature of the Hawaiian style.


You may have heard of Poke before. It is very similar to Japanese sashimi, which is sliced raw fish. A lot of cultural cuisine boils down to geography. Japan and Hawaii are both island cultures and thus boast some of the most innovative approaches to seafood in the world.

One major difference between the approaches is that Hawaiian poke is served cubed while Japanese sashimi is sliced thin. Make sure to try some of this delicious dish when you make it to Hawaii.

Try Some of the Amazing Foods That Hawaii Has to Offer

Hawaii has a little something for everyone. From some of the world’s finest hiking trails, to traditional music, and traditional cuisine, Hawaii has so much to offer. While you’re here you’ll want to try some of the local food which is easily accessible from our amazing oceanside condominiums. Give us a call or contact us online to set up your reservation today!