Interesting Hawaiian Wildlife You Can See on Vacation

People choose to vacation in Hawaii because it is an experience of a lifetime that they have never had before. They get to see and do things they have only been able to imagine and enjoy everything that comes with a tropical island getaway. In addition to the volcanoes, sandy beaches, and amazing shopping, Hawaii’s wildlife is yet another amazing thing you can experience while you enjoy your stay at our Kolea vacation rentals in Waikoloa. From sea creatures to fascinating land dwellers, check out these interesting animals that you can see while you are here.

1. Hawaiian Monk & Elephant Seals

Our first wildlife animals can be found in the sea. There are two special types of seal that you can see in Hawaii called the Hawaiian monk seal and the northern elephant seal. The monk seal can sometimes be seen basking in the sun on the beach, and elephant seals are generally larger and can usually only be seen when scuba diving or snorkeling.

2. Whales

Every year, whales migrate from Hawaii to Alaska and back, making them a fun attraction for viewing. There are several boat tours that take groups whale watching when their migratory patterns bring them back to the islands, with whale season generally lasting from November to May. The peak whale-watching months are January, February, and March, so vacationers who are intent on seeing a whale may want to plan a tour around those months.

3. Indian Mongoose

The Indian mongoose is an interesting animal found in Hawaii with an even more interesting history. The mongoose was brought over to Hawaii in the late 1800s when much of Hawaii was used as plantation land to harvest sugar. The mongoose was introduced to reduce the rat population, but unexpectedly, the mongoose population grew rapidly and eventually threatened other wildlife found in Hawaii, such as native birds and turtles. The mongoose is now found across the state, usually in wild area or forests.

4. Wallaby

The wallaby can also be found in Hawaii, but, like the mongoose, Hawaii’s wallaby population happened by complete accident. Wallabies were initially brought over from New Guinea and Australia to be housed in a zoo. The zoo perimeters were not secured, however, and the initial wallabies soon escaped and mated in the wild. Today, there is a large population of feral wallaby that now calls the Hawaiian islands home.

Visiting Hawaii for Wildlife

Some people don’t want to worry about animals or different types of wildlife while they are on vacation, which is totally understandable. They will find that our Kolea vacation rentals accommodate them quite nicely, as the chances of running into unwanted animal guests are extremely unlikely. For others who are interested in exploring different, unique species and wildlife found in Hawaii, there are plenty of chances for you to see the extraordinary and experience these wonders in their natural habitat. For a central spot to see some of Hawaii’s unique animals, anyone planning a vacation should check out Kolea and how we can provide you with the opportunity to experience the vacation of a lifetime.