Hawaii Hotels Going Green

With a global focus on sustainability, some of the Hawaii hotels have taken a step forward to lead to the way in the hospitality industry.  Right here in Waikoloa, the Hilton Waikoloa has recovered close to 1 million beverage containers.  In Hawaii you can return those to get 5 cents per container so in this case it as also made the hotel some money to offset the cost of administering it.  They also have put in place a system to recycle cardboard, food waste, and cooking oil.

The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island partnered up with several local companies and launched an environmental and cultural stewardship program.  Their program is unique in the sense that they reach out to the guests as well as employees to participate.  Guests can help build trees amongst other things.

Aulani on Oahu obtained LEED Silver certification through the US Green Building Council.  You achieve this by meeting certain green standards during the construction process.

While sustainability is important globally, it is exciting to hear some businesses here in Hawaii are leading the way.