COVID-19 and Travel Insurance

By September 28, 2020May 11th, 2022Uncategorized

Here is information we received regarding the current travel testing program for COVID-19 and the travel insurance we use.  This insurance may be added to your stay at any point prior to the final rent payment being made.

If your customers purchase a travel insurance plan, we can provide coverage if a traveler, travel companion, or a family member test positive for COVID-19.
Coverage for COVID-19 Sickness includes:
Travel Costs
Prior to Departure:
  • Trip Cancellation coverage for pre-paid travel arrangements.
While Traveling:
  • Trip Interruption coverage for pre-paid land and water arrangements (such as lodging), plus additional airfare to return home.
  • Travel Delay coverage for overnight lodging, meals, local transportation and other unexpected costs if a traveler or travel companion gets sick from COVID-19 and they are delayed for the number of hours specified in their plan terms.
Medical Expenses and Evacuation
Coverage for medical expenses for up to one year, even after returning home, if a traveler gets sick from COVID-19 while traveling and needs to seek medical treatment or evacuation. Covered expenses include copays, deductibles and out-of-network costs billed by primary health insurance. Also includes coverage for a companion to visit if the traveler is traveling alone and hospitalized for more than 7 days.
Please contact Waikoloa Vacation Rentals at if you would like to add this to your reservation.  If you have more specific information you can call the insurance directly.  You can view their contact info here as well as more policy information on coverage of issues other than COVID-19.