Anna’s Ranch Waimea

By September 30, 2011Hawaii Activites, Sites to See

As far as weddings go, there are quite a few options on the Big Island of Hawaii for both ceremony and reception sites. One such unique location is Anna Ranch Heritage Center, Waimea, Hawaii. Dating back to 1847, Anna Ranch showcases the history of ranching on the island and captures the past, bringing it to present day island life. Anyone who appreciates history will truly enjoy this venue, looking to the past, the present, and as weddings demand, the future.

Located just a half mile from downtown Waimea, Anna Ranch Heritage Center offers just under fourteen hundred square feet of indoor space, several acres of outdoor options, and beautiful well-manicured gardens to accommodate almost any size party. Anna Ranch has ample resources to create a fabulous experience. With a professional and attentive staff, capable preferred vendors, and a fine history of event planning, the ceremony and reception are certain to be well organized.

Anna Ranch Heritage Center has tried to create the total experience offering an onsite blacksmith and saddle maker. These, along with other children’s activities, are certain to create special memories for adults and children alike. Programs for children are available for private events, and souvenirs will accompany those who take part in the programs.

If in search of local history, private space, or something out of the ordinary, the nonprofit Anna Ranch Heritage Center will satisfy any event requests. Their phone number is (808) 885-4426 or guests of Waikoloa Vacation Rentals may call (808) 333-1910 or email for assistance.