Hawaii is home to a million and a half people and is a wonderful vacation destination to several million more every year. Hawaii is well-known for its relaxing island living, beautiful scenery, crystal clear oceans, active volcanoes, and rich history. There are some parts of Hawaii, however, that are a little out-of-the-ordinary, small little gems and well-known secrets that only locals or seasoned vacationers have discovered. This article details 5 of some of the most interesting, weird facts that you have to see to believe. As you plan for your Hawaiian vacation with our Kolea vacation condo rentals, take a look at some interesting things you can expect to see on your visit to the Islands!

1. Mailing a Coconut

This may be one of the most unique, unknown, quirky, yet fun things that people don’t know about regarding Hawaii. Tourists and natives alike are allowed to mail a coconut to other people across the Islands and even the continental United States. When we say mail a coconut, that is what we mean, too. You don’t need packaging or anything beyond the coconut itself. It must be a husked coconut and smoothed over, but you can paint it, decorate, and put a name and address and the USPS will ship it anywhere in the states. You can do this because the postal service considers a coconut its own, self-contained item.

2. Only State with 2 Official Languages

Hawaii State is the only state in the US with 2 official languages, and there are only 29 states that have even 1 official state language. The two languages recognized in Hawaii are English and Hawaiian Pidgin, also commonly referred to as just Pidgin. When Hawaii was first colonized, the indentured servants and slaves that worked the plantations and farms came from all over the world. To communicate with each other, they used a functional system of language, similar to English grammatically, that amalgamated vocabulary and other necessary language functions from many different languages, including Portuguese, a few Asian and Polynesian languages, native Hawaiian, and English, to name a few. Pidgin has been passed down over time and is now officially recognized by Hawaii as a state language, as of only 2015.

3. No Smog, but Plenty of Vog

Hawaii is known for its pristine air conditions and strict laws and rules against pollution. As such, you will never see any smog while you are vacationing in Hawaii. You may see, however, a slight haze on the horizon at times caused by vog, or volcanic smoke. Active volcanoes on the Big Island sometimes cause the air to appear smoky, but it makes for some of the most beautiful sunsets you may ever see.

4. Everyone Takes Shoes Off at Door

It is customary in Hawaii that if you enter the home of another person, you should remove your shoes or sandals at the door. This comes from a mix of Asian and Polynesian cultures where taking your shoes off is a sign of respect in another person’s home.

5. Each Island Has a Flower and a Color

Each island in Hawaii is tied to its own official flower and color. This makes each island individual and unique, with flowers and colors that represent the people and the history of the island. The flowers and colors of the main 8 islands include:

  • Big Island of Hawaii:
    • Flower: Lehua Ohia
    • Color: red
  • Niihau
    • Flower: Pupu Shell
    • Color: white
  • Kauai
    • Flower: Mokihana
    • Color: Purple
  • Oahu
    • Flower: Illima
    • Color: Yellow
  • Maui
    • Flower: Lokelani
    • Color: Pink
  • Molokai
    • Flower: White Kukui Blossom
    • Color: Green
  • Lanai
    • Flower: Kaunaoa
    • Color: Orange
  • Kahoolawe
    • Flower: Hinahina
    • Color: Grey

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