Hawaii is a well-loved vacation spot that attracts over 8 million tourists every year, and for good reason. Hawaii is the only place in the world where you will be able to experience tropical living in luxury and elegance, making it the perfect, idyllic place for any vacation. Whether your aim is relaxation, adventure, or the simple thrill of an island experience, our expert Kolea vacation rental guides have compiled a list of 5 reasons you need to plan your vacation to Hawaii today.

1. The Ocean

Swimming with dolphins and turtles is completely what it is cracked up to be. The oceans around Hawaii and the Big Island are some of the most pristine, beautiful waters you will have the pleasure of wading in. The marine life is breathtaking, the waves are excellent for surfing, and nothing beats the view of the shimmering, golden sun setting across the gentle white caps that reach into the distance. There is no better way to blow off the winter blues than planning a trip to Hawaii so you can bathe in its rejuvenating waters.

2. Sunny and Bright

For the most part, there isn’t a day when the sun doesn’t shine in Hawaii. Though it indeed rains rather frequently during the winter, even then the clouds often depart and anyone can catch some rays to perfect their tan. The weather is almost always consistent, making it beautiful and relaxing any time of the year.

3. Fresh Tropic Fruits and Other Foods

One of the most sought-after amenities of Hawaiian vacationers is the availability of free tropical fruits. From sweet coconuts to juicy, tangy pineapple, Hawaii is well-known for its sweet, succulent fruit treasures. There is also wide availability to other delicious island foods as well, including fresh fish and seafood prepared so well that it will have you coming back to Hawaii in the future just so you can eat.

4. The History of Hawaii

Hawaii is rich in history, regarding both its indigenous culture and modern influences. Being on vacation in Hawaii allows vacationers an opportunity to meet native islanders, share in their culture, and appreciate, even learn part of, their language. There are also US historical sites, such as the Pearl Harbor Museum, which allow people to reflect on modern history and Hawaii’s crucial role in helping shape the world as we know it today

5. The Volcanoes

Hawaii, more specifically the Big Island of Hawaii, is home to the most active volcanoes on earth. There is nothing more interesting than being able to adventure across volcanic terrain or seeing a live volcano pour lava into the ocean. The opportunity to see this in-person is incredible, and you will feel like this is the cherry on top of the perfect Hawaiian getaway when you experience it for yourself.

6. The Kolea Beach Resort

We know we said that there were only 5 reasons to plan your vacation to Hawaii, but we couldn’t resist adding a bonus. Our Kolea vacation rentals tie your whole Hawaiian vacation together no matter what you are seeking to do. Enjoy our beautiful resort while you can relax or adventure to make your vacation the best experience possible. Remember to call us today and reserve your own rental unit soon!