49 Black Sand Beach at Mauna Lani Resort

By September 25, 2023Beaches

One of the most accessible black sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii is located within the Mauna Lani Resort, 49 Black Sand Beach.  This beach is located with the luxurious private home community of 49 Black Sand Beach.

49 black sand beach at mauna lani

To get to the beach you will go to the guard shack for 49 Black Sand Beach and they will give you directions and grant you access to the beach.  There is a parking lot for guests, but it does have a limited number of stalls.  There are also restrooms at this location.  The beach itself is a short walk from this location and just off the beach is an outdoor shower.

49 black sand beach parking

The beach is located on a small cove so offers relatively calm waters.  There is not much shade so it is recommended to take a beach umbrella.  Black sand is typically hotter than your normal sand so a good set of slippers or water shoes is also recommended.  The edges of the beach area small lava rock reefs so there can be some good snorkeling.  The waters are relatively calm year round.  The waters can get deeper relatively fast so if you have children it is good to keep them nearby.  Also anytime you are around lava rock it is wise to be very careful as lava rock is very sharp and can easily cut your feet if you walk on it.

If you would like to do something other than swim, there is a nice trail that goes around the edges of the beach and offers spectacular ocean views as well as views of tidepools.

49 black sand beach mauna lani

Anytime you go to a beach in Hawaii we recommend taking plenty of water and sunblock.

While the private homes at 49 Black Sand Beach are not vacation rentals, there are the Mauna Lani Terrace condos located on another beach at Mauna Lani Resort and are just a short drive from 49 Black Sand Beach.