Why to Choose Kolea at Waikoloa for Your Hawaiian Vacation

By September 3, 2018September 17th, 2018Vacation Tips

Many people who plan a Hawaiian vacation often begin to realize just how many things there are to do and places there are to visit in Hawaii. From several islands, beaches, and volcanoes to luxurious getaways and private villas, the number of choices you have to plan from can even start to feel overwhelming. As experienced Hawaiian vacation rental property managers, we not only know what Hawaii has to offer but we also have had the opportunity to see thousands of Hawaiian vacationers and what has made their vacations enjoyable. In this article, we cover what we think is the best Hawaiian getaway and the reasons why you should choose Kolea at Waikoloa for your next Hawaiian vacation.

What Is Kolea?

Kolea is a collection of beach-front properties and private condos and villas located on the west side of the largest and lowest island in Hawaii, also called the Big Island of Hawaii. Kolea is found in a small town called Waikoloa Village, often referred to as just ‘Waikoloa’, a clean, well-maintained city dedicated to providing Hawaiian vacationers with an ultimate getaway experience. Kolea is well-known as a community of relaxing vacation homes and serves as a central spot for tourists and vacationers to enjoy everything Hawaii and the Big Island of Hawaii have to offer.

Why You Should Choose Kolea as a Vacation Destination

When it comes to deciding exactly what you want to do when you arrive in Hawaii, where you stay becomes an important part of your travel plan. The properties and villas at Kolea were specifically designed for vacationers to enjoy anything they wanted to do: enjoy sandy beaches, live in luxury, go swimming in crystal clear pools and pristine oceans waves, see volcanoes, go whale watching, shop, enjoy the culture of the islands, play rounds of golf, and so much more. Kolea gives you central access to all of the best parts of Hawaii, giving you all the options between relaxation and adventure for a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation. In addition, many people choose Kolea as their vacation destination in Hawaii because:

  • Flights from the contiguous US to the Big Island Airport in Kona are inexpensive: Airfare is often very affordable to go to Hawaii for a vacation if you are flying into Kona, making Kolea easily accessible from anywhere in the United States.
  • Direct access to beautiful sites of Hawaii: From the Hawaii volcanoes national park and lava viewing to scuba diving the sea or looking at stars atop a mountainous, snowy observatory, Kolea provides you a central home from where you can form all of your adventures and lasting memories of Hawaii.
  • Exposure to history, people, culture: Hawaii is rich in culture, people, and history. Kolea vacation rentals allow you to enjoy your own space while being completely immersed in the unique traditions that make Hawaii such an interesting and beautiful island. From Waikoloa Village, you can take helicopter tours, attend luaus, go horseback riding, and see many other traditions that locals have been doing for hundreds of years.
  • Comfort of your own private villa for any occasion: Perhaps the best part of a Kolea vacation is the fact that your villa is private and is perfect for families, a honeymooning couple, or a group of friends looking to enjoy time in the sun. Our Villas are great for any occasion and allow ultimate freedom when it comes to deciding what you want to do while you are in Hawaii.

Choose Kolea Today

You have more options for a better vacation when you stay at Kolea. Rent a Kolea beachfront property from Waikoloa Vacation Rentals today and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.