What to Pack for Your Hawaiian Vacation

By July 11, 2019Planning Vacation

Traveling Light

As you’re searching for where to vacation in Hawaii, resist the urge to fit everything into one suitcase. Though the popular recommendation is that you travel light, try to find a balance between the two extremes. It is important to be selective on what kind of attire you pack for your trip because clothing can make or break your vacation.
Remember to check the weather before visiting. Hawaii can be chilly at night, especially by the shore, and it would be advisable to carry a light jacket or sweatshirt, and maybe a pair of jeans. You will probably spend most of the vacation exploring the outdoors, so try to avoid the over-the-top clothing, heels and other bulky attire. If you’re staying at a resort, like the Waikoloa Beach Resort, your room or suite is already furnished with shampoo, soap, conditioner and hair dryers.

Female Travelers

The general rule of thumb is to go with cool, comfortable and practical. There is plenty of beach time in Hawaii and you won’t need much clothing. Dresses are okay because they don’t require any matching and they take up less space. You can bring around three comfortable dresses that wash and dry easily. Dresses with built-in bras will further minimize packing need, but those without could be used as beach cover-ups.
You will not go wrong with a pair of lightweight shorts. A synthetic pair dries quickly and wears more comfortably than denim shorts. Shorts can be worn for hiking, on the beach or even kayaking. Add t-shirts or tank tops for hiking or as a cover-up for the beach. You can easily get by with just two. In addition to basic clothing, you may want to accessorize with sunglasses (a must have), hats and a clutch.

Male Travelers

Casual, breathable and loose-fitting clothes should be high on a man’s packing list. You will most likely go swimming, and though you will need your sunscreen, being in the water will wash it away. A long-sleeve rash guard is recommended instead, because they are SPF of 50+, super lightweight, and they dry easily. A pair of sunglasses is a must-have, and you could add a baseball cap to keep your head from burning. Pack a white cotton shirt that looks dressy enough for any restaurant in Hawaii and can act as a cover-up. You can also pull off an Aloha shirt if you’re dining out.
Swim shorts, preferably with Velcro pockets to stuff money or room keys in, will look good. The shoe of choice would be flip-flops as they rinse off sand quickly and they dry out within a short time. Hiking requires sturdy shoes, and clothes with long sleeves or pant legs to keep away mosquitoes and prevent getting scratched in the bushes. The most ideal would be zip-off pants.

Waikoloa Beach Resort

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