What to Wear on Vacation In Hawaii

By July 11, 2019Planning Vacation


As you’re wondering where to vacation in Hawaii, you also want to make sure that you have the right attire to complement the mood of the vacation. The island’s casual setting and forgiving weather mean you’ll need fairly casual wear for the trip. Going out in the evenings for fancy dinners or nightclubs only requires semi-nice clothes and nothing extraordinarily fancy. For the Hawaiian climate, you can ensure you accessorize properly with sunglasses or a hat (but jewelry is never required). Though the island has no winter, it can get quite chilly at night, and a light jacket is helpful.

Outdoor Attire

The idea of going to Hawaii is to be outside as much as you can. The island has many different attractions and you will likely be on the move most of the time during the trip. It would be a good idea to carry light clothes that don’t need any extra care or hand washing, like shorts and light t-shirts, so you can change quickly and re-wear without much hassle. Additionally, easily washable clothing cuts down on how much you’ll need to pack. It’s usually warm in Hawaii so it’s not advisable to carry heavy attire. Hawaii has many fun, tropical hikes and it’s more than likely you’ll go on one. Ensure you carry appropriate clothing for daytime hikes and good walking shoes. Obviously, swimsuits are an absolute necessity! Pack several different ones for the journey so you can change often. Ladies can add something light to cover or slip over on top of their swimsuits, in between swimming breaks or when they are heading off to local restaurants. They are perfectly acceptable to wear in many hotels.

Evening Attire and Footwear

You must carry appropriate footwear for a Hawaii vacation. Ensure you have light shoes like sandals or flip-flops. Rubber shoes are also ideal for beach wear but if you plan on hiking, bring along a solid pair of tennis shoes. You may also need some dress shoes if you’re in Hawaii for business or if you plan on dining at one of the fancier restaurants in the island, such as those in the Waikoloa Beach Resort. The evening attire, however, remains semi-casual. Even for formal events, like shows and dinners, opt for semi-casual clothing. Ladies can wear casual dresses, maxi dresses or sundresses. Dress pants and blouses are also appropriate for formal events. Men can show up in dress shirts or slacks. Polo shirts would also be perfect with a light jacket in the evenings.

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