Why to Stay in a Vacation Rental versus a Hotel

By April 24, 2009September 24th, 2023Vacation Tips

A vacation in Hawaii is second to none. In one trip to the Big Island you can include whale watching, stargazing atop a snow capped mountain, snorkeling in a marine sanctuary and riding an ATV along the beautiful coast and ending up at a secluded waterfall. At the end of these fun filled days, would you prefer to retire to a hotel room or a spacious luxury vacation rental?

Most hotel rooms are exactly what the name implies, just one room with a bathroom. At Waikoloa Vacation Rentals, we have fully furnished two and three bedroom vacation condo rentals and 4 to 6 bedroom vacation home rentals. This can be an important feature for anyone wanting moments of privacy, be it a party of adults, parents with young children, or teens. The space that you find in a villa versus a hotel room is especially comforting. Our villas come with fully stocked kitchens, multiple bathrooms, washers and dryers.

hawaii vacation rental

A fully stocked kitchen is no comparison to the mini fridge that normally comes with a hotel room.  All full size major appliances are provided, along with smaller ones such as coffee makers, blenders and toasters.  Once you purchase the groceries for your vacation, you have the option of eating in instead of paying to dine out for every meal and snack.  This will save a ton of money over the duration of your visit.  It also provides your party with an extreme convenience.

hawaii vacation rental

In the instance where you run short on clothing, you won’t have to purchase additional pieces when you stay with Waikoloa Vacation Rentals. Our villas come equipped with washers and dryers, so if you packed too little, or if you accidentally stained your outfit, you can have them laundered in the convenience of your villa. No outrageous fees to send out your clothing through hotel services. You won’t even need to purchase laundry detergent, we ensure that this is provided for you.

Staying at a vacation rental offers you the same hotel conveniences as you are located within the resort area. Each property location has its own pool, some include a fitness center and barbecue pavilion. Your location with us is always within a few minutes of resort shopping and dining. For activity reservations we are proud to offer you a concierge service as well. So feel free to get more value, privacy and service out of your Big Island vacation by staying at a vacation condo rental with Waikoloa Vacation Rentals.