Big Island Vacation Tips

By April 14, 2009Vacation Tips

The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest and most diverse island of the Hawaiian Islands.  We have put together a list of items that hopefully be helpful for your stay.

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My 5 Must Dos On the Big Island of Hawaii- These are some of my personal favorites and is targeted at offering something for everyone.

5- Treat yourself to at least one nice dinner at one of the many fine restaurants.  My personal favorite is Norios at the Fairmont Orchid.  It has the best sushi I have ever eaten.  The CanoeHouse at Mauna Lani Bay offers nice ambiance as well as a Pacific Rim cuisine.

4- If you are here during the winter months, take a whale watch tour.  These tours opper up close encounters with the humpback whales as they come to the islands to mate and give birth.  Seeing one breach up close or seeing a mother and her child swim together are some of the most amazing sites you can see in the wild.

3- The Big Island of Hawaii is filled with beaches.  From green sand….to red sand….to black sand….to white sand beaches, the Big Island has them all.  Do some research on some of the beaches the Big Island has and find one of the ones that most people don’t go to that would be good for you.  I recommend Beach 69.  It is just about 7 miles north of the Waikoloa Beach Resort (make sure to take slippers though).

2- Hawaii has some of the most beautiful marine life in the world.  Take a day excursion to find some of the great snorkeling spots or take one of the many tours that will take you to some of the best spots on the island.  Hint:  Kealekekua Bay is the best spot around.

1- Take a helicopter tour around the Big Island of Hawaii.  My personal favorite tour includes a landing for a picnic lunch in a valley on the north end of the island.

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