Travel Trends in the United States

waikoloa-vacation-rentalAs governments worldwide begin to loosen COVID-19 restrictions, summer travel is expected to boom this year. The World Travel & Tourism Council foresees travel and tourism in the United States to achieve pre-pandemic levels this year, contributing roughly $2 trillion to the United States economy. From the Allianz Summer Destination study, the top 10 summer destinations are expected to see a 16% increase from last year, and almost 75% of Americans are expected to vacation within the United States this year. Beach and pool destinations are ranked as the top vacation spots both domestically and internationally. Destinations by water are at a 57% increase in places such as California, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Within Hawaii, the Big Island is seeing the largest increase in tourism and Waikoloa Beach Resort is seeing one of the greatest increases on that island.

Travel to national and state parks and attractions are at a 36% increase in places such as Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge and Yellowstone. Findings from Expedia saw a 30% increase for spring and summer travels to Hawaii, with Oahu surpassing its numbers in 2019, and the Big Island has seen a six-time increase in bookings compared to September of 2019.

According to the Allianz Summer Destination study, which analyzed over 1,175,000 flight itineraries, the top 10 places to visit in the US this summer are Orlando (No. 1), Seattle (No. 2), Honolulu (No. 3), Maui (No. 4), Boston (No. 5), New York City (No. 6), Los Angeles (No. 7), Las Vegas (No. 8), Portland (No. 9), and Denver (No. 10). Data from travel insurance provider, Allianz Partners, predict travel to Europe will soar 600% over last year, with most travelers headed to London, Paris, and Dublin. The Allianz’s Summer European Destinations review found that roughly three-quarters of travelers vacationing in Europe are predicted to spend seven days vacationing, with an extra 11% staying for eight nights, with May 27th as the most popular day to travel, kicking off Memorial Day weekend. In conclusion, travelers are expected to go big this year with extended stays and are focused on relaxation and outdoor excursions this summer.