Saving $$$ On Your Investment at Kolea

By July 31, 2012October 4th, 2017Comments by Waikoloa Vacation Rentals

While the villas at Kolea offer many luxurious amenities, they also demand a lot of ongoing maintenance. Here are a few items that may help save you money as well as maintain your investment at Kolea.

Routine Maintenance on the Refrigerator
The coils for the refrigerators need to be cleaned. Many villas have not been cleaned since Kolea was first built. A large amount of build up on the coils makes the refrigerator less efficient, which costs you money. Extended neglect can shorten the life of your refrigerator significantly. While this is not an ongoing maintenance item, it is something you many want to consider doing every few years.

Lutron Lighting System
While the lighting systems in Kolea are nice amenities that blow away most owners as well as guests when used for the first time, if not managed properly they will use a significant amount of energy. Since most of the bulbs are halogen, there is not currently a way to go to an energy efficient bulb without a significant amount of cost. One reasonable way to save is to adjust your light settings. Many villas have all the lights at full strength on their most used control. Most would agree that this is more light than necessary. By adjusting the settings throughout your Lutron control panel you will find that you can save on energy by programming in more energy efficient settings.

Maintenance of the Dishwasher

With Waikoloa Beach Resort having extremely hard water, many appliances that deal with water are challenged. As mineral deposits build up throughout the dishwasher, it causes the efficiency as well as the effectiveness to diminish. At least annually, the filter should be removed and cleaned thoroughly and a cleaning agent be run throughout the dishwasher. This will help extend the life of your dishwasher.

Air Conditioning
The air conditioner(s) is the largest contributor to your electric bill. There are two popular ways to save here. The first is to install sensors that shut off the air conditioning when a door is opened. With the large pocket doors at Kolea, this is imperative. The second is to install a thermostat with a minimum setting. This will allow you to choose a reasonable setting that the guests cannot turn the temperature below. This will not only save on electric, but also help to minimize problems due to guests turning the temperature too low, thus extending the life of your system(s).

These are a few of the items we consider in the villas we manage at Kolea that you and/or your property manager may want to consider to help save you money and maintain your investment.