Roy’s Waikoloa Bar and Grill at Waikoloa Beach Resort

Roy’s Waikoloa Bar and Grill is located in the Kings Shops in the Waikoloa Beach Resort and offers a nice pacific rim cuisine.  The setting is on the Kings Pond and if you request a table in the lanai area you will have a nice water view of the pond.  The rest of the restaurant offers a typical restaurant setting around the open kitchen that is visible to all guests.

As you open the menu you will find a nice varitey of choices for dinner.  You can order a la carte from the menu or order a pre selected three course dinner.  All of the apetizers are amazing.  I would highly recommend trying the Paniolo surfah roll.  This is not your typical sushi roll as the main ingredient is filet mignon.  For entre, the seafood diablo is my favorite.  This is a dish that is a seafood medley in a spicy cajun style sauce that is spicy and to die for.

Along with great food, Roy’s Waikoloa Bar and Grill offers a nice cocktail menu and is the best value for cocktails in the Waikoloa Beach Resort.  Although all the cocktails are priced at $9, they are all very tasty and they do not hold back on their pouring of alcohol.  Roy’s mai tai is known on the island as one of the best mai tais!

Roy’s Waikoloa Bar and Grill is open from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Call 808-886-4321 to make a reservation.