Weekend Trip to Oahu

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the island of Oahu.  I have spent time there before, but never really took in what the island has to offer.  It is amazing how different and unique each Hawaiian Island is.

We spent most of the time around the Kahala area.  It was amazing has mountainous and green the terrain looked.  It did look just like what you see in the movies.  Then as we traveled into Waikiki we came over a hill and I thought for a second we were at Miami Beach.  All you saw were tall business buildings, condos, and hotels.  At that point, I was sure glad that the Big Island of Hawaii is not like that.

One thing that I loved about Oahu is that there are places to dine at a reasonable price all over the place.  On the Big Island of Hawaii you find more upscale and pricier restaurants.  We ate at Zippys (a couple of times), which offers local food and is known for its chili.  We made a trip to the north end of the island where we had world famous shaved ice from Matsumotos.  Their shaved ice has been featured in several travel magazines as well as shows.  On the way we got some malasadas (Hawaiian pastries) from Leonards Bakery.  They were the freshest malasadas I have ever had.  We ate our dinners at Chilis.  We do not have Chilis on the Big Island so that was a nice treat.

I looked at some of the Oahu real estate prices and I think if anyone was going to invest in real estate on the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island is the best place.  The prices seemed a lot higher on Oahu and I felt the quality on the Big Island of Hawaii was better.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Oahu, but I was really glad that I chose the Big Island of Hawaii to live and the Waikoloa Beach Resort to work.  You can not beat the peacefulness of the Big Island of Hawaii.