Kolea Farm is a true taste of paradise. This permaculture food forest is located in Pupukea, Haleiwa in Hawaii. Permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems that are sustainable and self-sufficient.

The Kolea Farm Hawaii grows a lot of the organic foods that are served at some popular restaurants in the area like Beet Box Café, Roy’s, Dat Cajun Guy, Town, Koko Head Cafe, Morning Glass Café and 12th Ave Grill.

Numerous Trees and Plants

Back in 1989 the area where the farm stands used to an open field without any trees, and over the years Farmer Bill Howes and his counterparts started to plant a variety of trees and plants. Bill Howes says that when he and his wife started raising their children, he did not have enough time to spend out in the farm planting because he was busy trying to earn a living doing other jobs.

As a result, if he got a good avocado, he would just throw it into the grass back and over the years the good avocados grew into avocado trees. That is how the farm’s avocado trees grew; no one dug holes to plant them.

In the farm, there are also mango trees, loquat, coffee, Shia, cherimoya, tangerine, lablab bean, ginger, and many other plants and trees.

Kolea Farm Hawaii also boasts of a beautiful duckweedDuckweedck weed is good for tilapia fish and other fish types. It is also good for humans – people in certain parts of Asia eat duckweed on a regular basis. You can put in soup, on sandwiches, make pesto, eat it on its own, etc. it has high protein content.

Community Supported Farm

Kolea Farm Hawaii is a community supported farm. They have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which is free and allows the local community to come to the farm weekly to collect a box of fruits and vegetables that have been freshly harvested for $20. To pick a box, you need to join CSA first and reserve a box.

CSA is the farm’s attempt to tackle the many issues of modern-day agricultural processes by redefining the overall relationship between natural biological systems, farmers, and consumers, which make up a farm.

Kolea Farm wants to create a community of amazing neighbors who are concerned about sustainability, community farming, and most importantly, organic food. Their CSA pick-up takes place on a weekly basis and there are no commitment requirements for the members.

Volunteer at Kolea Farm

Volunteering at the Kolea Farm is a great way to participate in the local community, get down and dirty, learn several things, and make great friends. Moreover, you also get to go home with some harvested food for all your efforts.

A typical day at this farm comprises picking veggies and fruits, planting trees, and weeding the plant beds. It is always an enjoyable time.

Come ready with some long pants that are resistant to big mosquitoes, wear long sleeves, garden gloves, a hat during sunny weather, some bug spray if you really need it, and of course an enthusiastic attitude.

Volunteer Days at the Kolea Farm are open any time between Tuesday and Saturday from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm. The people at the farm always appreciate volunteer work.