July 2012 Hawaii Vacation Rental Market Update

By September 4, 2012January 23rd, 2015Comments by Waikoloa Vacation Rentals

This past July marks the ninth consecutive month in a row showing growth and positive momentum for the State of Hawaii. Though it has not been all that long considering the multiple years of hardship, it is a welcome streak of good news. Increased arrivals and expenditures along with continued international support helped make July an overall success.

Arrivals increased by nearly 8% and visitor spending grew by nearly 18% as compared to July, 2011. Japanese visitor arrivals increased by 21.5% compared to last year. This number is still well below the record high of July, 1997 by nearly 70,000 visitors though the trend has been positive for the year as compared to recent history. Canadian arrivals were about the same as the last year. Nearly all other major market areas showed improved arrivals and expenditures for the month. Though rare, there were no cruise ships arrivals during the entire month.

There was also an increase of honeymoon visitors, up by over 20% and the sixth consecutive month of growth. Wedding visitors increased by over 17% as well. These last seven months have shown an overall increase of wedding visitors, up by nearly 5% as compared to the same time period last year.

Looking ahead, the scheduled airline seats for the next three months, August through October, look good. Up over 13% from the same time frame last year, the latter portion of 2012 bodes well for the future for the state.