How Much is a vacation to Hawaii?

By July 11, 2019About Hawaii


Hawaii is blessed with the most stunning beaches, abundant natural beauty, and breath-taking surfing scenery. The food is out of this world and the people are very hospitable. The only downside is that a trip to the beautiful islands can be very expensive. If you’re planning to visit Hawaii sometime soon, it helps to have a general idea of the typical prices to expect and the ways to cut costs to an affordable sum.

How much is a vacation to Hawaii? The cost of traveling to Hawaii depends on a variety of factors including where you live, what time of the year you plan to visit, and where you want to vacation. Breaking down these variables can give a better perspective on where to save money.


The most affordable time of the year to travel to Hawaii is during “off-peak” months, not during major U.S. holidays. During these months, you can pay around $600 to $800 for economy class, round-trip plane tickets from the East Coast to Hawaii, and $400 to $500 from the West Coast. Off-peak months are those after the winter holiday season, before March, autumn before Thanksgiving, and in spring before schools close for summer vacation. Additionally, booking tickets months before the actual travel can save you money. It is better to travel mid-week as demand tends to skyrocket as one approaches the weekend. For local transportation, a bus will cost $5 a day, while renting a car will set you back $30 a day.


Hawaii has all sorts of accommodation options, from the cheap ($100-$200 per night) to the really expensive and downright lavish ($500-$1000 per night). Some of the cheapest options include renting an Airbnb or a condo. For a larger group, it will be cheaper to rent a bigger house and split the cost, rather than booking different units. One can find better options by scouting for deals and promotions. It is important to be prepared for hidden costs that come with the package, for example, Wi-Fi, cleaning fees and parking fees if you decide to rent a car. Hidden costs can run up to $60 per day. Waikoloa Beach Resort is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you stay here, much of your vacation is just a short distance away.


It is very easy to get caught up in Hawaii’s attractions, like swimming with dolphins, checking film sets, visiting Pearl Harbor, and taking part in the traditional Hawaiian luau. Trips in and out of the islands can even last an entire weekend, and without proper planning, costs can get high really quickly. It is advisable to plan which places to visit ahead of time, so you get a chance to look around for the best prices. Most tours provide transportation but generally, day trips might cost $80 to $100 per person.


An alternative to the vacation is taking a cruise ship originating from the West Coast or Hawaii. For instance, one can opt to take the Pride of America, a Norwegian Cruise Line that sails all-year on a seven-day itinerary in and out of Honolulu, calling on the Big Island, Maui, Kauai and Oahu. The average price for the cruise, excluding airfare, starts at $3000 for two passengers sharing an inside cabin. There is also a Carnival Cruise that sails in and out of Los Angeles, which offers four days in the Hawaiian Islands, and ten days at sea. The 14-day Carnival Cruise is also a viable alternative to help you save money as it costs about $2500 for an average interior cabin for two.

Random Spending

While some islands are pricier than others, savvy travelers can significantly lower costs by checking out the many available options. Furthermore, Hawaii is known for its stores with amazing deals for lux brands not available in other countries. Chances are you will want to grab a few souvenirs and some jewelry. Thus, it is advisable to budget for an additional $100 at least. Hawaii is a vacation full of memories and planning a budget can keep your mind at ease to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.