Historical Information on Waikoloa Beach Resort

By March 22, 2022About Hawaii

The Waikoloa Beach Resort holds an abundance of ancient Hawaiian history that royal and native Hawaiians once used. When looking out on the lava rocks, you will find ancient pathways that run along the coastline. They were used as trails to the mountains, temples, communities, and fishing areas. You can find these pathways throughout the island. The Ala Kahakai pathway, meaning ‘trail by the sea’, is 175 miles long and runs throughout the coast and Waikoloa Beach Resort. The part visible from Waikoloa Beach Resort is known as the King’s Trail as it goes through ancient fishponds that were abundant with mullet fish that were caught to feed the royal families. Part of the vast four-acre fishpond, Kalahuipua’a, is Ku’uali’i and Kahapapa fishponds located in front of the Marriott Resort, where the mullet fish were caught for the royal families. Stories have been passed through generations of “fish runners” who would catch and wrap live fish in seaweed to preserve their “freshness” and run them through the Ala Kahakai trail to deliver the fish to the royal families. Along the Ala Kahakai trail and throughout Waikoloa Beach Resort are various ancient petroglyphs carved into the lava rocks that may date thousands of years. The petroglyphs are thought to symbolize travel markers as well as historical and astronomical events. Found across the Big Island are Anchialine Ponds, which are both ocean tide pools and freshwater ponds. Tucked between Kolea and the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, you will find one several hundred yards from the ocean. These ponds are connected underground to the ocean and freshwater springs; they are also home to a unique ecosystem of marine life. As entering the ponds is prohibited, you may further learn its importance through the Waikoloa Anchialine Ponds Preservation Area.