Fujimamas Restaurant in Waimea

By September 21, 2009restaurants

Fujimamas offers a nice Asian inspired cuisine in Waimea.  Open daily from 5-9 pm Monday through Saturday.  Althought the menus is fairly limited some of the items are very good.  The Four Towers sushi roll is excellent.  A lot of the menu items as well as drinks contain ginger so a taste for that is needed to really enjoy a lot of the menu items.  Being a small restaurant, if they are busy the service is lacking.

Directions: As you exit the Waikoloa Beach Resort, take a left onto the highway.  As you reach the end of the highway it will split.  Take a right up the mountain to Waimea.  As you enter Waimea you will find Fujimamas on the right just past the gas station.  If you reach the red light, you have gone too far.

Fujimamas Phone: (808) 885-9299