Birds You Will See While Staying At a Kolea Vacation Rental

By June 10, 2022About Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a number of tropical birds.  Isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is the perfect place to stop for migrating birds.  While staying at a Kolea vacation rental you are sure to see many of these birds and the property itself was named after the kolea bird.


The Kolea bird is one of the most common birds you will see at Kolea, but only in the winter months.  In early summer they migrate to Alaska.  In the winter you will see them with goldish colored feathers, but as they prepare themselves for their journey back to Kolea in the later winter they will put on their tuxedos of black and white feathers.


Myna Bird
Myna birds are found all around around.  Most people label them as nuances.  They will be found getting into everything.  Often times their nesting sites are found full of trash along with the sticks.  One positive thing they do is they are a natural form of pest control.



These birds have one of the loudest calls and can often be heard in the morning.  Due to them being larger, they are one of the few birds that prefer to walk or run than to fly so often times you will see them walking rapidly versus running.


Cattle Egret
Through 2020, the cattle egret was not common to Kolea, but was more often found up the mountain in towns such as Waimea.  In 2020 they began to move down into the resort areas.  These birds seem to follow around the landscaping team.  Wherever grass is being cut you are sure to see them following the mower and eating the fresh cut grass.


Unfortunately most of the birds you will see at Kolea are not native to Hawaii.  There are some nene birds that you will typically find between the Hilton Waikoloa and Kolea.  These birds are raised in the Waikoloa Beach Resort and can be found walking around at times.  There are also several other native Hawaiian birds you may see, but they are not common.