Enjoy Some of the fine Big Island of Hawaii Beaches While Staying at Waikoloa Beach Resort

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the most diverse places on the earth.  Given this, there are a variety of unique beaches on the island that offer something for everyone.  From green sand beaches to fun filled state parks, the Big Island has it all.

Green Sand Beach at South Point

The Green Sand Beach is located at the very south end of the Big Island. It is in a very remote location but worth the effort to see. To reach the beach, go down the South Point Road. Follow the road to the left and go to the boat ramp. If the soil is dry and you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you can drive farther. However, we recommend you park near the ramp and walk the mile to the beach. You will have to descend the remains of a collapsed cinder cone to the beach. This is steep and somewhat precarious. The beach is the result of the front half of a cinder cone collapsing into the ocean, leaving a sandy beach.  There are no public facilities in this area.
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A’Bay at Waikoloa Beach Resort
A’Bay is the only sandy beach in the Waikoloa Beach Resort, which is one of the top vacation destinations for families.  This crescent moon shaped beach spans over  a mile in length and sits just in front of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott and Kolea at Waikoloa Beach Resort giving these guests easy access.  The Queens Shops are also a short walk away if you decide to take a break for lunch.  Given that this beach sits on a bay, it is great for children and there is very little surf.  Ocean Sports has a shack on the beach making beach toys, snorkel gear, and water sport equipment readily available.  A’Bay is a five star beach for families with small children.

Black Sand Beach at Pololu Valley
Pololu Valley is one of the most beautiful places on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Located at the bottom of the valley is a beautiful black sand beach, which offers a setting for amazing photographs and tranquility.  Pololu Valley is a hikers dream.  It is about a 30 minute hike down into the valley, which great aerial photographs available along the way.  Once you reach the bottom of the trail you will find a beautiful beach along with a lot more landscape to hike.  The water at Pololu Vally is typically very rough so you will want to be very cautious if you enter.  The Black Sand Beach at Pololu Valley is an excellent beach for photographs and for the adventurous person.

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Hapuna Beach State Park
Hapuna Beach is the most well known beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Hapuna Beach features is one of the largest white sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The waters are also very friendly for families, with the exception of the winter months where you can find very rough surf.  There are picnic tables, bar b que pits, as well as showers for use while spending the day there.  Hapuna Beach State Park is a great beach for anyone.

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Mauna Lani Bay
The beach at Mauna Lani Bay is a snorkelers dream.  Mauna Lani Bay offers calm waters with a white sand beach just in front of the Mauna Lani Bay hotel.  The Mauna Lani Bay hotel has a program where they raise sea turtles and then release them when they are ready.  This happens on July 4, Turtle Independence Day.  Due to this many sea turtles call the Mauna Lani Bay “home”.  While spending a day at Mauna Lani Bay you are sure to see turtles swimming in the waters as well as resting on the beach.  Mauna Lani Bay is great for families and snorkelers.

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