Horseback Riding on the Big Island of Hawaii

By September 23, 2011Hawaii Activites

For anyone looking for a more historical mode of transportation while viewing the island from a different vantage point, horseback riding is a great activity for the entire family.

There are quite a few stables available to travelers and they offer different experiences as well. See valleys, rivers, waterfalls and places like the “Valley of the Kings”. This was home to many of the rulers of Hawaii, site of important Heiaus (sacred temples), ancient burial caves and also a place of refuge.

Another option is to explore the open range, getting out and moving faster for those who are more experienced. There are also tours for anyone with less experience or younger children looking to understand and give riding a try.

Meals are included on some excursions and there are some physical requirements and varying tour times. Children’s programs are also available depending on the stable.

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