Get the Most Out of a Hawaiian Vacation on a Budget

By June 13, 2011February 13th, 2017Vacation Tips

With Hawaii being the most expensive vacation destination in the United States, many people find it hard to find the means to travel to Hawaii in the current economy discover here. Here are some helpful tips to make your Hawaii vacation more feasible.

First, by staying a vacation rental rather than a hotel you can save money on the accommodation cost as well as food costs. At the beginning of any guests’ arrival, perhaps just off the plane; it is recommended to go directly to Costco depending on the time of day everyone lands. For a family or four all three meals can be prepared in the vacation rental for an average of $120/day. The average cost for a family of four to dine at a hotel in Hawaii is just over $234/day.

Second, finding a great happy hour in the area can also be a good option. Pupus (appetizers) and alcohol prices typically drop 25-50% for that short period of time. Some restaurants also offer an “early bird” menu which features a variety their most popular entrees at discount prices.

The money saved can pay for surf or stand up paddling lessons. Helicopter or zipline tours are sure to create and maintain some smiles. This could really bring about some amazing family moments. There is nothing like flying through the air to create a stronger bond within the family.

At the end of the day, the greatest things about Hawaii are free; it just comes down to everything else needed to enjoy those times.

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